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New Player Guide (made by Tiffany)

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1New Player Guide (made by Tiffany) Empty New Player Guide (made by Tiffany) on Mon Jul 08, 2013 8:27 pm


Welcome to Captivated! Here is the basic information you need to play our server assuming you have already made a forums account here. This guide is less on the process of getting into the game but more on what to do when inside. Obviously the goal is to make you want to discover the server, so enjoy!

*Looking for more detailed information? Look at the guides here: 

a) Downloading the server

Since there are already guides on how to download the server, this guide won't talk too much about it. There are different ways to download the server depending on if you have windows 8 or not and sometimes problems can arise with your computer but don't worry we have different ways to fix them and if you had problems downloading our server, don't hesitate to ask after looking at the different guides here (remember there are more ways if you're still having problems) :

b) Before going in, VOTE!!!!
Voting is EXTREMELY important in game! It will help you with currency and nx as well as MSI and more! Voting once give you 1VP (Vote Point) and 6.9k NX! 


1. Entering the game
Enter the game as you would enter normally. The pin code does not matter so just enter any numbers you want. Click on Inkwell to read the introduction and get the starter pack and go to the FM. Note that if you did not download the custom map, it will look different than the one in the images below.
New Player Guide (made by Tiffany) Step110
You will receive numerous items and an amount of mesos. A notification of your arrival will also be put throughout the server so many people might smega to welcome you. You can @smega <message> to smega as well. Most likely a GM will attend to you and help you too.

New Player Guide (made by Tiffany) Step210
Check your commands! They are all interesting and useful. @commands is the way to go (In the spoiler, not all the commands are there)
New Player Guide (made by Tiffany) Captur10

2. Changing your looks
There are different commands for the looks npc. Choose the one you want: @stylist @hair  @girl  @boy @nimakin @kin
New Player Guide (made by Tiffany) Hair10

3. Training
From 0~15 rbs you can train at Newbie Island with @noob You can @autorebirth to save yourself the trouble of always having to do @rebirthe/etc every single time. No worries you can just type in the same command to stop the auto rebirthing.


New Player Guide (made by Tiffany) Trainn10
Afterwards you should be able to train yourself in FM 2-6 with custom spawners.

4. Shopping
You can find most npcs for your needs in fm1. What they do is pretty self explanatory. For equipment, potions and more you can do @all and @shop
New Player Guide (made by Tiffany) Fm110

5. Resting, Socializing, Events and AFK-ing
Don't feel like training? Need to leave for awhile but want to make something worth of the time you are gone? How about going fishing while you afk? You can level up your fishing level and at the same time gain mesos and exp! You cannot @autoenv in this map unfortunately, but it's still fun. All you need is 1 money enveloppe (equivalent of 1500 maple coins or 2bil mesos that can be harvested by mobs, etc). The fishing map can be accessible from Wisp, an npc in fm1.
New Player Guide (made by Tiffany) Fish10New Player Guide (made by Tiffany) Fish210
You can also go to one of our three hangouts with @hangout 1/2/3

Socializing is also important in our community! Talk to people and join in the events hosted by our GMs! 

Remember, these are only the basics! There are many different aspects of Captivated to discover! Make a guild, buy a house, find your own secret guild hideout, complete jumpquests and much much more. Lastly, enjoy your time here and remember it's always more fun with friends so get your peers to join as well if you like the server.

Got more questions or need more detailed information? Want better understanding of the currency? Look at the Guides section of the forums! Your questions can probably be answered here in the FAQ section otherwise just ask with @gm <message> or PM them: 

Have fun in CaptivatedMS!


New Player Guide (made by Tiffany) Tumblr_mnc603CZgc1squt83o1_500
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