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Peace's GM appliaction

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1Peace's GM appliaction Empty Peace's GM appliaction on Tue Aug 13, 2013 9:11 am


Beginner Member
Name:Peace Dove (No im not lying...)
In-game Name:Peace or PeaceTDM 
Gender:Sir,Guy,Male,Dude (Which ever you prefer) 
Country:United States  
Time Zone: EST (Eastern Standard Time) 
Are you over the age of 14? Yes I am 16 
List all languages you can speak (Not partially) English and Russian  

Explain your personality Explain my personality... I suppose I'd consider myself curious, I like to see how things work. I'd also like to think I am a Kind person but thats one's own opinion I suppose. 
How responsible are you? I'd like to say once again I am very responsible but thats in the eye of the beholder. 
Describe your background. I was born in Ohio, Raised in Ohio have a strong Christian background and have had problems making friends up untill these past few years (This is due to me having to take meds for my ADHD because back then I couldnt control it.)  
Why do you think we should choose you as GM? Well, your server(no offense here) looks like It could use some help and some palyers, maybe I could try to help with that? Plus your kind asking for help/gm's for your server. 
Explain your experience as a GM. Um... I... Never been a Gm before, however if it accounts for anything experience wise, Ive been admin and mod alot on alot of minecraft servers.Yes I know its irrleivant but its still a position of high respect. 
Explain your relationship with the server Well, I dont have imformation on this either, sorry im just jumping in blind... 
How did you find this server? well I found it in the top 100 and well seeing that I wanted to check it out, I went to the website and I say a thing for a GM application, I thought it could be fun so I went for it and here I am.
How long have you played MapleStory in General? Ive been playing sense 2006, but I recently quit the real maplestory because I just didnt like what they were doing to it... Let alone they made me mad when they got rid of Fangblade and Krowyn 
How long have you played this server? Like I said im just kinda jumping into this blind... ill wait and play a while if you prefer that.
What do you like/dislike about this server? Well from what Ive seen its looks pretty nice, however I wish more people were on.
Who would you want as your Mentor(Someone from the staff to help you throughout your GM/internship): Id be willing to take any one so long as they are nice enough.

Would you (rage) quit if you were demoted from GM? No 
Would you (rage) quit if your application was denied? No 
Have you ever (attempted) to use third party programs with MapleStory? Why would any even do that -_-  
Have you ever been banned in MapleStory or in a Private Server? Nope  
Are you currently another GM on another server at this moment? No... 
Have you obtained at least an internship on a server the past 30 days? umm... no 
What is the most important rule for GM Applications? To read and fallow all rules and rights.
Did you follow that important rule?: I think so.  
[b]Lastly, is there anything you would like us to know about you? (If yes, please tell us) Well, I like help out, if someones needs somthing or if someones needs help I ususally try to help to the best of my abilities.

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2Peace's GM appliaction Empty Re: Peace's GM appliaction on Tue Aug 13, 2013 4:52 pm



You know the reasons, if you would take your time and read the rules

and what the fuck is with the "um" get the fuck out with your fake shit.


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