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Just some stuff I'd thought might be useful

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1Just some stuff I'd thought might be useful Empty Just some stuff I'd thought might be useful on Wed Jul 17, 2013 4:28 am


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Hi everyone Very Happy
I've just started playing Captivated, and I noticed that the server is a little laggy rather often. However, that isn't what I'd like to suggest getting fixed. Rather, I have a few ideas that might come in handy.

1. Item vac / Pet vac
Everyone loves picking up the drops. However, I've noticed that without the ability to vac the map, items are left lying there, collecting until there's a huge pile. Picking them up would be rather time-consuming, and hinders the rushing of rebirths. Perhaps the implementation of a command [@petvac, provided all Pet EQ's are equipped] to vac all the items to your invent.

2. Organizing @commands
Being a beginner, I'd love to get to know the commands of the server well. However, upon typing @command, the list is very long and disorganized. Categorizing them would prove beneficial to beginners, and it allows easier reach of needed commands.

3. Better donor rewards
As always, a server requires $ to survive & upgrade. Enticing players to donate in exchange for rare & exclusive prizes are a great way to attract $. The current prizes are inadequate, and it fails to scream "Damn, I gotta donate! That (Insert item) is awesome !".

4. Less laggy server
Basically, the server lags. I know it's not my internet problem (Optic-fibre).

Well, I guess this's it. I'll update this when I get more ideas. Thanks for reading Smile

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These are really good ideas. Especially organizing the @commands. To add on, some of the commands don't work.


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to lazy,



Just some stuff I'd thought might be useful Tumblr_mnc603CZgc1squt83o1_500
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For the second point about the commands, we have approximately 40 commands in the list and that includes categories like @harassment, @relationship, etc. The list isn't all that long really, but if you do believe they should be put in more categories or somehow more organized you can input your suggestion as to how that could be implemented but I don't deem that absolutely necessary and probably isn't our main focus at the moment owo. All the commands are basic and simple and if you skim through it one or two times it's pretty easy to understand how they work in my opinion.

Brian wrote:These are really good ideas. Especially organizing the @commands. To add on, some of the commands don't work.

What commands are you talking about because every command works perfectly well and I just tested them again to make sure, so I don't believe the server is at fault here owo. If commands don't work for you which ones aren't functional?

Thank you for your suggestions c:

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