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Xais' GM Application

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1Xais' GM Application Empty Xais' GM Application on Wed Jul 31, 2013 5:24 pm


Beginner Member
Name: Xais Vang

In-game Name: Xais

Gender: Male

Country: United States

Time Zone: (GMT-6:00) Central Time

Are you over the age of 14? Yes

List all languages you can speak (Not partially)
English and Hmong

Explain your personality: I'm a really shy person but I love to make friends and once I get to know people more, I get less shy and more comfortable around them.

How responsible are you? I'm a very responsible person and I try my best to help people as best as I can.

Describe your background: My background is Hmong and there isn't much Hmong people out there really.

Why do you think we should choose you as GM? I think I should be choosed as a GM because I know not most but many of the Captivated players and I think I would be able to host fun events.

Explain your experience as a GM (If you have any): I haven't had any experience before as a GM but I have helped assist many GM's on multiple events before.

Explain your relationship with the server: I think my relationship is good as I am getting to know the commands well and being an active player to get rank 6.

How did you find this server? I found this server through gtop100.com while searching for something new to play since I don't really like GMS that much anymore.

How long have you played MapleStory in General? I have played Global MapleStory for about 5-6 years now

How long have you played this server? I've actually played this server for about 2 weeks now.

What do you like/dislike about this server? Things that I like about the server is that it's really nice and everyone would socialize with each other getting to know one another. What I dislike is it having small amount of players but I think that it'll increase in time.

Who would you want as your Mentor(Someone from the staff to help you throughout your GM/internship): I would like Tiffany to be my mentor.

Would you (rage) quit if you were demoted from GM? No

Would you (rage) quit if your application was denied? No

Have you ever (attempted) to use third party programs with MapleStory? (Hacking programs, packet editor, etc) Yes

Have you ever been banned in MapleStory or in a Private Server? No

Are you currently another GM on another server at this moment? No

Have you obtained at least an internship on a server the past 30 days? No

What is the most important rule for GM Applications? Read and follow all rules and rights.

Did you follow that important rule?: Yes

Lastly, is there anything you would like us to know about you? (If yes, please tell us). Once people get to know me, I'm quite a funny person and I think I would help make Captivated players have a better gameplay.

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2Xais' GM Application Empty Re: Xais' GM Application on Fri Aug 16, 2013 7:57 pm



  • Do NOT post on other player's application

is a rule..


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